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If you’re searching for the best physiotherapy clinic in Burlington, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, finding a clinic that is conveniently located near you is essential. This ensures easy access and minimizes travel time, allowing you to prioritize your rehabilitation without added inconvenience.

Equally important is the expertise and experience of the physiotherapists working at the clinic. At Procure Physio, we employ highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals with a track record of success in treating various conditions. We should deeply understand the human body, anatomy, and the latest advancements in physiotherapy techniques.

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A man receives Physiotherapy from a doctor at Procure Physio in Burlington.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy

There are many benefits of Physiotherapy. At Procure Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health Clinic we are dedicated to helping our patients recover from their condition.

  • Reducing pain
  • Improving mobility
  • Increasing strength
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Preventing injuries
  • Improving overall health and well-being

Searching for a Physiotherapy near me clinic in Burlington to help you recover from your condition, look no further. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Why choose Procure Physiotherapy in Burlington?

Experienced Staff

Our team of healthcare professionals brings years of experience in treating diverse conditions. We are confident in our ability to provide exceptional care and set you on the path to recovery.

Deep Knowledge​

Our highly knowledgeable Physiotherapists are well-versed in the latest techniques and treatments. By staying up-to-date with the latest research, we ensure that our care is effective, evidence-based, and tailored to your needs.

Personalized Treatment

We prioritize understanding our patients and their unique needs. By taking the time to establish a deep connection, we can create personalized physiotherapy treatment plans tailored to each individual.

best service
Best Service

Our continuous objective is to provide great care to our patients. With a focus on helping you achieve your health goals, our dedicated team is determined to assist you in reclaiming your optimal well-being.

We not only bring happiness. We make sure your well-being is our top priority.

Empowering Your happiness and ensuring Your wellness: our commitment to your overall well-being

Meet Our Experts

Apran Hundal Physiotherapist
Arpan Hundal
Chandni Chadha (Physiotherapist)
Chandni Chadha
Based on 14 reviews
Lucas Lugonia
Lucas Lugonia
Before booking with Arpan at Procure, I had been dealing with a lot of back and shoulder pain for the better part of a year. I had trouble sleeping, constant pain, and tingling sensations going up and down my arm. I sought out an MD to make sure there wasn't any physical damage and after all tests came back normal, I tried several forms of therapies including chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, as well as alternative types of treatments like cupping, acupuncture, and floating therapy, which all gave me temporary relief but the pain always came back. With just 5 physio sessions at procure physio, I feel way better now than I had ever felt in the last year, and though there is still pain at times, it is very minimal in comparison. I no longer have trouble sleeping, no more tingling, and the treatment hasn't felt temporary. With a few more sessions, I'm confident I'll be back feeling my 100%!
Janki Khosla
Janki Khosla
Chandni is very knowledgeable and friendly. She analyzed my issue and set up a treatment plan that worked great! She’s flexible and adjusts her schedule to your needs. Highly recommended.
Lori Smith
Lori Smith
After attending 5 physio sessions at another therapist and getting no relief, it was suggested by my osteopath to seek out cold laser treatment for plantar fasciitis. I attended my first appointment with Arpan at Procure Physio. She was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and listened to what I was going through. She explained what her course of treatment would be and answered all my questions. After suffering due to pain to walk for over 2 months, I am thrilled how I am progressing, after only 3 appointments. I am so grateful to Arpan and her expertise in helping me to be pain free and get back to doing all that I enjoy, golfing and walking my dogs. I highly recommend Procure Physio, wellness is what they do best!!!
M Dayeh
M Dayeh
Dr Arpan is very friendly and professional at what she does, I also like the flexibility in scheduling my appointments.
manita singh
manita singh
Amazing services ! I went for massage and physio ,it was a very relaxing experience!! My shoulder pain is gone after few sittings of physiotherapy . I definitely recommend going here, the clinic is clean and very hygienic.
Mohamed Karimullah
Mohamed Karimullah
Perfect treatment - I am much improved. Friendly staff!!!
jaskaran singh virdi
jaskaran singh virdi
The physio was a magician. Can feel the difference already and this has been an ongoing pain for over an year. Professional staff. Will highly recommend.
Sahil Preet Kahlon
Sahil Preet Kahlon
My experience here has always been fantastic, specifically with Arpan Hundal . She has really helped me relieve my pain and I always leave feeling better. She is a fantastic practitioner and I have recommended her to everyone I come across!
Warda Balishdaq
Warda Balishdaq
Visited Procure Physiotherapy for pelvic physio sessions. Arpan is a very patient physiotherapist who understands the concerns. Recommend this clinic!!
Sayeed Babader
Sayeed Babader
I had hurt my back and could not move for 3 days. Visited Procure Physiotherapy today after getting a referral from a friend. Already feel much better and mobile. They have the best Chiropractor in Burlington. Highly Recommended!!

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy is an effective approach to treating back pain, as it combines various techniques like exercises, manual therapy, and education to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall spinal health.

Physiotherapy is recommended when you experience pain, injury, or loss of function in your muscles, joints, or bones. It also benefits post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, and chronic conditions requiring long-term management.

Physiotherapists play a crucial role in managing and treating muscle pain by employing techniques such as stretching exercises, soft tissue mobilization, and targeted strengthening exercises. They aim to reduce pain, restore function, and improve overall muscle health.

Yes, physical therapy can accelerate recovery by promoting healing, reducing pain and inflammation, improving flexibility, and restoring strength and function. It is particularly effective in post-surgery rehabilitation, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal conditions.

You must search “Physiotherapy Near Me” to find our conveniently located Procure Physio clinic. Our experienced physiotherapists provide personalized treatment plans to address your specific needs.