Dynamic Kinesio Taping in Physiotherapy

How Does It Work?

The Kinesio tape is made of a special material that is elastic and sticky. It is applied to the skin in a specific way so that it can provide support to the muscles and joints. It is said to work by stimulating the nervous system and improving blood circulation. This can help to reduce pain and improve function.

What Are The Benefits?
There are many potential benefits of dynamic Kinesio taping, including:

  • Reducing pain
  • Improving movement
  • Stabilizing joints
  • Supporting muscles
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing inflammation

There is some evidence that dynamic Kinesio taping can be effective in treating a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, lymphedema, and cerebral palsy.

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Are There Any Risks?

Dynamic Kinesio taping is generally considered to be safe. There are no known side effects or risks associated with the use of this type of dynamic tape. However, as with any type of treatment, it is always important to speak to a healthcare professional before starting any new therapy. This is especially important if you have any existing medical conditions or are taking any medication.

What Are The Different Types Of Tape?

Elastic therapeutic tape
This type of tape is designed to stretch and move with the skin. It is often used to treat sports injuries and provide support to muscles and joints.

Rigid therapeutic Kinesio tape
This type of dynamic tape is designed to be more supportive than elastic therapeutic Kinesio tape. It is often used to stabilize joints or provide support to muscles after an injury.

Transdermal electrical neuromuscular stimulation (TENS) tape
This type of dynamic tape is designed to deliver electrical impulses to the skin. This can help to relieve pain and improve circulation.

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How Long Does It Take To Work?

The effects of the dynamic Kinesio taping method are usually immediate. However, the Kinesio tape should be left on for 24-48 hours for the best results.

Does Insurance cover it?
Kinesio Taping will be included in your physiotherapy or chiropractic session. So you won’t be paying extra for the Kinesio tape. 

How Do I Get Started?
At Procure Physio, we are proud to offer dynamic Kinesio taping services. Our team of experienced physiotherapists can help you choose the right type of dynamic tape for your needs and goals and explain everything that entails having Kinesio tape on.

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The tape is applied to the skin in a specific way so that it can provide support to the muscles and joints. The exact application will depend on your individual needs and goals and it is better if a physiotherapist does it for you.

The tape should be removed after 24-48 hours.

It can be used by anyone who wants to improve their movement or relieve pain, improve proprioception and circulation in the area.