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Physiotherapy in milton

Physiotherapy is the bridge between health and wellness. Therapy helps people recover from injury or illness, whether it be through movement therapy for pain management or education about how best exercise provides manual treatment for muscle strain where needed. Therapy not only maintains your current level of independence but allows you to continue working despite any limitations caused by disability.

Physiotherapy Milton

Our Milton Physiotherapy services

The best physiotherapy in Milton

At Procure Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health Clinic we are committed not only in helping you heal, but also restoring your life back! Our multidisciplinary team includes Registered physiotherapists who specialise in curing athletic injuries as well as other types such as chronic pain management or auto-immune problems. Our physiotherapists cure the damage done due to repetitive motion due to previous sporting activity.

Procure Physiotherapy is a full service centre that provides treatment and rehabilitation for those who are injured. We work with the individualised treatment plans, including early approach through multidisciplinary clinic staff of registered physiotherapists and therapists among others to get you back on track as soon as possible!

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What People Say About Us

I was going through migraine. It gets so chronic sometimes that I had to leave all my work just to take rest. I go to bed with a headache and wake up with a same condition. But Apran did an amazing job by looking at my full history and asking questions and actually listening to what I say. They took me off from the medications and replaced them with different ones as well as refer me for some light physical therapy for my neck.

Amrit Shah


It was an amazing experience! The staff were very friendly and they made me feel like home. I would say that the best physiotherapist in town is here at this clinic, hands down!!


New Client

I have been living with frozen shoulder pain for years, but since getting treatment from Arpan my shoulder doesn’t feel like it anymore! Her knowledge and skill is incredible; I would recommend her to anyone who needs help healing their joints or any other medical issue they may be experiencing.”


“We direct bill most insurance companies.”

It’s a pleasure for Procure Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health Clinic Inc to be an associate partner with Sunlife Financial that provides our esteemed customers with trusted extended health insurance.