As men, we often don’t think about our pelvic floor muscles until we start experiencing problems with them. Pelvic floor dysfunction can cause uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms, including urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and pelvic pain. A pelvic floor physiotherapy is a specialized form that focuses on these muscles and can effectively treat these issues.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a closer look at pelvic floor physiotherapy for men. We will explore what it is, who it can benefit, and what to expect during a pelvic floor physiotherapy session. We will also dive into the various treatment techniques used in pelvic floor physiotherapy, including manual therapy, education, and home exercises.

If you are experiencing pelvic floor issues or are curious about pelvic floor physiotherapy, this guide is for you. We aim to provide a thorough understanding of this specialized form of physiotherapy so that you can make informed decisions about your health and well-being. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of pelvic floor physiotherapy for men!

What is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a specialized form that focuses on the pelvic region’s muscles, ligaments, and nerves. A pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sit at the bottom of the pelvis and support the bladder, bowel, and reproductive organs. These muscles play an essential role in controlling bladder and bowel function and sexual function.

What are the Benefits of Pelvic Physiotherapy for Men

Pelvic floor physiotherapy for men can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved bladder and bowel control: Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help improve the strength and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in better control over bladder and bowel function.
  • Improved sexual function: The pelvic floor muscles play an essential role in the sexual process, and pelvic floor physiotherapy can help improve sexual function and enjoyment.
  • Reduced pain: Pelvic floor dysfunction can cause pelvic, lower back, and hip pain. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help alleviate this pain and improve overall comfort.
  • Improved posture and core strength: The pelvic floor muscles are an essential component of the core muscles, which support the spine and help with posture. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help improve core strength and overall posture.
  • Improved athletic performance: Pelvic floor dysfunction can affect athletic performance, particularly in activities that involve jumping or high-impact movements. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help improve athletic performance by improving pelvic floor muscle strength and coordination.

What Are Signs Of Pelvic Floor Problems Occurs In Men?

Let’s talk about the signs that your nether regions might be experiencing some trouble. While it may not be the most comfortable topic to discuss, it’s essential to know that pelvic floor problems aren’t just a women’s issue – men can be affected too!

So what are some signs that you might be experiencing pelvic floor problems? Well, for starters, if you find yourself leaking a little (or a lot) when you cough, sneeze, or laugh, that could be a sign of stress incontinence. 

If you’re suddenly experiencing the urge to pee all the time or are struggling to make it to the bathroom in time, that could be urge incontinence. And if you’re feeling some discomfort or pain in your pelvic area, that could be a sign of pelvic floor muscle tension or even pudendal neuralgia.

What to expect during the pelvic floor physiotherapy session?

Ah, the mystery of the pelvic floor physiotherapy session! Curious about what to expect when you step into that therapy room? Well, worry not, my friend, because I’m here to shed some light on the matter.

During your pelvic floor physiotherapy session, you can expect a warm and friendly environment where comfort is a top priority. Our talented professionals at Procure Physio specialize in men’s health and pelvic floor concerns. They’ll start by consulting with you to understand your symptoms and problems. 

At Procure Physio, we take a holistic approach to pelvic floor physiotherapy. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and tools to improve their pelvic health, which may include pelvic floor muscle exercises, lifestyle modifications, and education on bladder and bowel habits. Your comfort and privacy are our top priority, and we strive to create a safe and welcoming space for all individuals seeking pelvic floor physiotherapy.


In conclusion, understanding pelvic physiotherapy for men is crucial for addressing a range of conditions related to the pelvic floor. From urinary incontinence and pelvic pain to erectile dysfunction and post-prostatectomy recovery, pelvic physiotherapy offers practical treatment approaches tailored to men’s needs. 

Procure Physio is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for men seeking pelvic floor physiotherapy. Our experienced physiotherapists prioritize your comfort, privacy, and empowerment throughout treatment. With our expertise and your commitment, you can achieve optimal pelvic health and enjoy a better quality of life. Don’t hesitate to contact Procure Physio and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.